At the home page of the station click on the button on the right near the top of the page which is labeled "WHDD 91.9FM."

On the left side of the new page that appears, hit the "On Demand" button. On the new page scan down the right side of the page (alphabetical list of shows) and find "School of Jazz."

Click on it. On the new page the shows will be listed by number rather than by any title or hint as to their content.

Pick any show and then hit the download button. The show will begin downloading to your computer and will take from five to ten minutes to do so. Once in your computer, you can listen to that show anytime you wish to by just double clicking on it.

2. WHPK. (http://www.whpk.org/) This show (Jazz With Jonathan H.) broadcasts from the University of Chicago. It can be heard every other Sunday morning from 10am until 12 noon. It is not available on demand, but only as it broadcasts live.

To hear the show:

Go to WHPK.org. Click on the “Listen” button at the top left of the home page. Then click on the “Listen Now” button.

You will hear the station over your computer speakers.









Jonathan Horwich currently has two jazz radio programs, both available over the internet. They feature what he believes are some of the greatest performances of the 20th and 21st century.

1. WHDD Robinhood Radio. (http://www.robinhoodradio.com/) The show, The School of Jazz, features classic performances in jazz from the 1950s until present time. The music is available both live, as the show broadcasts, or on demand for download into one’s computer.

To listen to the Robinhood radio show live:

Go to Robinhoodradio.com. At the home page of the station (which is an NPR affiliate) click on the button on the right which is labeled "WHDD 91.9FM." At the top of the page it will now say "Listen Live." If you don't have a Mac computer, push the top "Listen Live" button. If you do have a Mac computer, push the button just below that also labeled "Listen Live" but for Mac users. You will now be hearing the radio station live over the Internet.

The show is on Friday night eastern standard time (EST) from 7pm to 9pm and from 7pm to 9pm EST on Sunday night.

To download some of the past shows to your computer do the following:

Go to Robinhoodradio.com.